​Hiroko Shiina

Hiroko Shiina is trying to investigate her own sexual nature. She presents us with personal discoveries embodied in ardor for the minutiae and microscopic detail. While at first glance they look like grotesque, when addressed closer her works are surprisingly evocative in their desire to free up something within the soul and surpass everyday fears by externalizing her passions. The artist opens a Black Box, a parallel mysterious world where borders between reality, memory and dream, fear and pleasure are blurred. Images seem weightless, hair is blown without the wind, streams of water and blood are in dilatation, we can hear the growth of grass, the pulsating heart of the fetus, bones turning into landscapes, sounds sinking into the black velvet background. Her world is astringently sensual intensified with the fleur of fatale romance. It is even more etherealized by subdued colours and infused coffee stains. These stains work like patina that lends old things their beauty and conveys the atmosphere of solitude or loneliness. Voyeuristic sensationalism derives from delicately depicted small details that work like special marks helping the viewer to perceive the artist’s world and to read it as an alphabet of reality.

Gallery Collection

June, 2019


73−3 Nakanocho (Ogawadori), 

Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, ​Japan, 604-0086

The closest subway stop is Marutamachi station, exit 2



Wednesday - Saturday

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Lost myself 2018 Ink, coffee, color pencil,  paper on wooden panel 18 × 14 cm