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Isao Mizutani


Isao Mizutani (1921-2015) was an influential artist in the postwar avant-garde art movement in Japan. In the 1960s, he garnered significant attention and acclaim both in Japan and internationally for his unique paintings using "Nihonga" (Japanese painting) materials, although he referred to it as "glue painting" rather than Nihonga. His creative pursuits extended beyond painting, encompassing stage art for prominent artists such as Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. These works emerged from the fervent artistic atmosphere of the era.

Mizutani was a solitary figure, unaffiliated with any art circles or groups, who worked tirelessly on his paintings in the isolation of his studio. However, his solitary efforts were underpinned by the presence of many like-minded artists striving to dismantle existing art concepts and forge new art, ideas, and eras from within the old frameworks. Artists, in any era, have the mission of breaking through the stagnation of their times, creating new value, and ushering in new eras.

It is hoped that Isao Mizutani's works will not merely remain a historical footnote but will serve as the impetus for future generations to open new artistic frontiers.

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