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Light and Shadow
Miyako Suzuki

​Miyako Suzuki



   Miyako Suzuki continues the tradition of "Sosaku hanga" (Creative Print) movement while experimenting with printing and composition techniques. She creates the original etching plate by herself and does the final painting.  Miyako explores new approaches toward abstract design by turning toward softer shapes in subdued colors. She incorporates the ideas and aesthetics of Western abstractionism and artistic movement into her works. Her prints demonstrate a thorough understanding of world artistic trends while remaining grounded in a firm Japanese aesthetic.

Miyako's interest lay in exploring simple forms that evoked a sense of deeper appreciation for what is profound in human existence. She carefully chooses materials to show the human touch, warmth, serenity and nostalgia. For her the thin Japanese paper is the best to demonstrate the inner human feelings and mystery, as it absorbs much and "bleeds" at the same time.

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