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Risako Yahagi


Born in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture.

At Nara University, studied the glass-making techniques of the Sasanian Empire in Persia. After graduation, entered the Tokyo Glass Art Institute and acquired comprehensive glass-making techniques. Upon completing the program at the institute, focused on a casting technique known as kiln work, which utilizes an electric furnace. Currently, presides over the glass studio "Glass Studio ARGO"


Seeking Fundamental and Primitive Beauty

When an object is cut from its original place and becomes a fragment, one can sense the memories conveyed through it. Even if the object is simple and symbolized, when the symbols are so numerous that their meanings cannot be deciphered, the object distances itself from its original purpose, becoming a single entity that evokes something fundamental. By shaping the object, creating an outline, and infusing it with intent and density, I aspire to harmonize it into a pure and fundamental work of art.

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