​Stephan Spicher

Stephan Spicher was born in 1950 and received his education in Basel, a region where several European cultures converge. His teacher, the Italian painter Beppe Assenza, was particularly attentive to the role of colour and form in painting, an approach which lies at the foundation of Spicher’s works.

The conceptual framework of Spicher’s art is the so-called “spiritual minimalism”. His creative work is the result of 40 years of experimentation with shape and colour based on passion, integrity and the legacy of European art. At the same time it has intangible links to Eastern sensitivity, which the artist discovered during his long trips to Asia. As a result, he has created a distinctive pictorial style and unique visual language endued with pure, beautiful lines and rhythmical alternation of tones and surfaces. Spicher uses classical forms of flat art, making compositions consisting of several panels, while experimenting with different materials, such as paper, metal, lacquer and plexiglas.

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25 April - 26 May, 2017

December exhibition

12 December 2014 - 11 January 2015



73−3 Nakanocho (Ogawadori), 

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