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Light and Shadow





  Born in Kyoto. Received the purchase prize at the National University Print Exhibition. Selected for the Contemporary Print Biennale. Selected for the New York Print Art Biennale. After graduating from art university, artist moved to Tokyo and worked as an artist and illustrator. Yasuyo created illustrations depicting women and modern life for department stores, commercial facilities, brand advertisements, magazines, and books. In 2011, artist moved back to Kyoto and resumed her activities as an abstract expressionist. "Embarking on a purposeless journey, my work unfolds as an uncharted adventure, a quest to discover elusive beauty along the way. Through repetitive acts of drawing and deliberate dismantling, I transcend the confines of ego, allowing a new form to emerge on the canvas. It is within this process that I confront the duality of light and darkness, embracing their presence in both my art and my life. My artistic practice is characterized by innocent improvisation and an objective exploration of the world around me. Like the rhythmic dance of the body, my creative process flows with intuitive motions, guiding the strokes of my brush or the marks of my pen. In this harmonious interplay of spontaneity and observation, I strive to capture moments of profound significance and evoke emotions that resonate with viewers. With each artwork, I invite audiences to join me on this transformative voyage. Through the absence of a predefined destination, we engage in a shared experience, unearthing the unexpected and discovering beauty that was previously concealed. It is my hope that this journey, rooted in curiosity and open-mindedness, sparks introspection and encourages a deeper connection with the enigmatic forces that shape our existence. Ultimately, my work embodies the essence of exploration and embraces the notion that art has the power to transcend boundaries, challenge perceptions, and unlock new realms of understanding. It invites viewers to embark on their own personal odyssey, where the interplay of light and darkness illuminates hidden truths and the rhythmic pulse of life echoes through every stroke and line. Join me on this voyage, where purpose is relinquished, and the pursuit of beauty becomes the catalyst for profound transformation."

Past gallery exhibitions


"Peace Promoting Telepathy"

25 November~ 3 December 2023



"Black Hole in The Cake"

 26 May - 04 June 2023

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