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​Yuiko Ráyka


  Yuiko's body of work focuses on the unknown potentials and latent abilities within each of us as human beings, and our evolving spirit towards a new era. Inspired by her own interdimensional experiences, her works are multidimensionally expressed through installations that emphasize on perceptual experiences, using physical and non-physical materials, and new media such as generative AI, VR, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

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This is a viewer-participatory, interactive and creatable light installation work.
The viewer uses a flashlight to shine light on reflective materials placed in the dark exhibition space, and the illusionary reflections are projected onto the walls and ceiling. Viewers will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scene that suddenly appears, as if by magic.
Viewers will be able to take the reflective materials and freely reconfigure them to create their own unique reflections while enjoying various experiments.  Collaborating with other viewers, they will be able to integrate and expand their own worlds. This creative world of unlimited possibilities, created by each viewer, is called "SELFVERSE" in this work.

This work invites viewers to interact, contemplate, and investigate the process of visual creation. The analogue interaction, without any programming or digital equipment, will result in a one-of-a-kind creation by the viewers. This open-ended, unlimited, simple, fun and playful experiential installation will ignite the imagination of people of all ages.
The artist believes that this light-experimentation as an art medium provides an opportunity to enhance self-expansion powered by one's own creativity.


In this work "SELFVERSE," the viewers are not as static bystanders but an active force,  joyfully experiencing the sparkle of his or her own potentiality.
We have entered a new era. Having experienced many hardships and changes in recent years, I believe that we are called upon to evolve spiritually for the new era. It is my hope that this work, SELFVERSE, will contribute to awakening people for the future.
We will use our creativity and potential to create a new era.

Yuiko Ráyka


This series of short videos is presented as NFTs. Light is used as a material and processed digitally. By using real light, subtle shimmer and warmth can be expressed. Light is the source of creation and the magic that brings us evolution. The vibrations of the light will resonate with the seeds of evolution within us.


Unknown Power

There are things in this world that cannot be defined or categorized. Each of us, each thing that exists in this world, and even the world itself, is inherently more diverse, more unknown, and more full of possibilities than we realize. Believe in the unknown within yourself. If you do, the world will become more wonderful.

This series of works is developed mainly in mixed media. The improvised forms in resin express the unclassifiable and undefinable, while the gold leaf represents the strength of unknown energy.


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