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アンナ・ハヤト & スラヴァ・ピルスキー 「Existence」2024

April 13 - 28, 2024
11:00 -18:00, Mon.- closed

Following the October 7 terrorist attack that shook Israeli society, along with the subsequent military events and the global social response, the context within the country changed radically. The very existence of people, their old way of life, and thinking were called into question. This change in context was reflected in the artists’ perspectives and provided impetus for creating works that portrayed the new reality. While working on this year's project, Anna and Slava focused on capturing reality through direct associations. The intensity of pain, fear, and anger was so powerful that it compelled the artists to express themselves in an extremely straightforward manner. As one looks at the photographs included in the project, the viewer involuntarily departs from their comfort zone and is drawn into the process of comprehension and empathy. This contributes to the project's most important goal—to prevent the routinization of evil. The artists remained true to their photography techniques, using obsolete Polaroid film discontinued in 2007. Chemicals leave occasional stains, hinting at future image degradation and leaving their mark. The works resemble, but are distinct from, early analogue photography. In this project, the artists used printing on rice paper and, in many cases, provided the images with text (poetic quotations) to add symbolic meaning.



Please visit our gallery permanent collection on the second floor featuring represented artists. For sales enquiries, virtual viewing or to make an appointment contact us.

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