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Keisuke Watanabe


   Keisuke Watanabe lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. A master draughtsman is well known for his erotic drawings which look to portray the energy of his models through dynamic bodily movement. The artists’ work explore passages of time, revealed in the intuitively selected moment.

 Being a professional musician, Watanabe perceives painting through his musical experience. Music is a temporal art and the artist conceives painting in the same way. His art is born from classical music and develops under its constant influence. His wish to explore the different states of the human body in motion, its sensual appeal is satisfied by extemporaneous sketching on the spot. The artist always works with a live model and creates his paintings in a quick tempo, as if catching the thought in the air. Therefore, in the drawings we see usually a pure experience, sensation unclouded by temporary optics. He creates works in expressionist manner using quick, sensitive lines, favoring blank backgrounds. These works are an exciting example of the effortless virtuosity and a great sense of elegance.

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