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Primal Memento

Kita began to think about “Primal Memento” when he was traveling around Latin America. In 1991, he fled out from Japan as if he was afraid of being chased by an unknown something. Kita crossed Europe to Africa, then to Latin America and then finally to Asia. Encountering the natives and the locals who are still respecting the old fashioned way of living, and finding decayed monuments triggered the creation of “Primal Memento.” Kita was especially struck by an Indigena girl, whose eyes and expressions he recalls back as if they were “ filled with strong will that will never be influenced by any epoch or generation. Her eyes did not refrain from inheriting the history of memories that the human beings have succeeded. From these moments on, he has not yet terminated putting his effort into gathering his memento and structuring them into pieces of photography. The memories from the dawn of time, such as the children’s eyes, the weathering ruins, and the epidermis regrown in Kita’s photography remind the venerableness of inheritance and its continuation. Motifs numerous, this exhibition renders the universality of a dynamic stream called history.


Primal Memento - Ruins 


Primal Memento - Landscapes 


Primal Memento - Animals 


Primal Memento - Eyes

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