NOV 17 Thu - 21 Mon, 2022

One of RÁYKA's series of works is called "Soul Gems" (2015-). This series focuses on the relationship between us as soul beings and the universe. Each of our souls is the universe itself, resonating with each other, existing in harmony within this great universe. 

In the past, RÁYKA has developed this series of works expressed in the physical form (two-dimensional works and installations), but in this exhibition, "Soul Gems Meta," she will newly express this worldview using the Metaverse, VR, and NFTs.

RÁYKA finds similarities in the relationship between the "soul and us humans" and the "core of the work and the expression media," and attempts to present them from the perspective of "evolution" through this work.


  In this exhibition, visitors will experience the "World of Souls" created in the Metaverse (virtual world) through VR.

The definition and interpretation of the "World of Souls" differs depending on country, region, religion, and ideology, but my interpretation based on my own experience is that the World of Souls is an interdimensional world that exists parallel to our physical dimension. The souls which exist in that world, are the cores of us humans. Our souls evolve and grow by having experiences as human beings on Earth, that is, the physical dimension (or as other beings in other dimensional worlds).

The Corona disaster has brought us many changes. In terms of exhibiting artworks, there are more opportunities and demands for exhibitions in virtual galleries and metaverses, and now that the peak of the disaster has passed, people are considering having virtual exhibitions more than before. I interpret this phenomenon as the fact that we can now choose "dimension" not only as a place to exhibit our works, but also as an element to construct the concept of our works, or as a means of output, i.e., technique, material, or media.


In my "Soul Gems" series, I have been expressing the concept of the "World of Souls," a world of different dimensions, by putting it into the physical dimension. This time, however, by using the Metaverse as the output dimension, it is possible to express a different aspect from the expression by physical method. It means, for example, that this "World of Souls" is always present in another dimension (online), parallel to the physical dimension. You can access the work without being bound by physical constraints. And that we can meet in the "World of Souls" beyond time and distance. In addition, in the "Soul Gems" series, the elements that make up the "World of Souls" are numerous souls, and this time, they are output as digital elements called "SOUL GEMS". By releasing them into the Web3 world as NFTs, I attempt to approach the expression of the story of souls, such as the history, evolution of each soul and the connection between the souls.

Alongside the Corona Disaster, Metaverse, VR, and NFT have developed rapidly in recent years and will continue to accelerate in the future. In three years, their specifications may change significantly, and their functions may disappear as well as be added or expanded. The following is the background to the idea I ventured to incorporate into this work, given the fluidity of these media: The core of this work is the universal concept of "soul," and the means of output is a mirror of the times, technology, and the artist's own maturity, in other words, something that changes. Therefore, I will allow this work to be updated by the way of expression in accordance with the changes. It may be an update on the same medium, or it may be a transfer to a different technique. In fact, this work has already been transferred from a physical method to the current method. When the concept of a work grows by being output, it is as if it is like the growth and evolution of a soul, and the renewal of expressive media is the transformation that embodies them. This gives me sense the future of the work and art. I present that artworks are no longer limited by media, and  can be changed in lightly with the changing times.  My "Soul Gems" series will engrave many different ways of expression in its history.

Artworks evolve. As we humans and our souls do.