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Serhii Makhno "DIDO"


4 - 9 April 2023

Meet DIDO is a series of collectable art toys and sculptures that appeared in the process of rethinking Ukrainian traditional zoomorphic sculpture by Serhii Makhno’s ceramic workshop

DIDO has become an essential series for MAKHNO Studio and has become our hero as a part of the project research "On the way home".

Serhii Mahno has explored the art of zoomorphic sculptures, he created his own collection of zoomorphic ceramics. DIDO is a reflection of Ukrainian tradition and modernity. All the animals are produced in a single instance and live in families-collections.


A collection of zoomorphic ceramics “DIDO” was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in the workshop of Sergey Makhno. The family became so big, it was scattered all around Ukraine. A ceramic set “DIDO. The Carpathians” lives in the Lanchyn village and consists of 10 members: Dido Vasyl, Dido Mykhas, Dido Pylyp, Ovva!, Tatysho, Liubchyk, Dunia, Afanasiy, Gaida, and Musia. They are bears — the owners of the waters, lions — the guards of the time, and sheep symbolizing fear and its overcoming.

Every story is a glorification of Ukrainian traditions. as zoomorphic ceramics is a reflection of the multicultural phenomena of the people. It is an eternal history of life. It is a living soul, enchanted with clay.

DIDOs are created in the ceramic workshop of Serhii Makhno Products according to the sketches of Serhii Makhno and are made in limited editions: from 1 to 12 units and up to 100 units for the MINI DIDO cast moulds. Every family has one unique sculpture destined never to have a twin. Sculpting, glazing, and sintering one product takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Each DIDO is more than just a statue – it’s a unique art object. The series was highly appreciated by art galleries and art collectors worldwide and was recognized as an exceptional decorative craftsmanship art piece with deep connotations and history.

DIDO characters are redefined fantastic beasts that live in Ukrainian cities and towns: laughing bears, moustached lions, dreamy sheep, and grasshoppers with curly tails. Each DIDO has its own life story, but its mission is the same — to protect.

MAKHNO studio was founded in 2003 by architect, ceramist, and collector Serhii Makhno. MAKHNO studio is the studio of contemporary Ukrainian architecture, interior design, and ceramics that rethink Ukrainian traditions, cultural phenomena, and forces of nature. The studio's projects won prestigious Ukrainian and international competitions, such as The International Property Awards, The Architecture MasterPrize, IDA Awards, and Restaurant & Bar Design. They were published worldwide in the most popular design media: ArchDaily, Designboom, Dezeen, ELLE Decoration, Architectural Digest, and Frame.

artist profile
Artist profile


  Serhii Makhno is a modern Ukrainian designer and founder of MAKHNO studio.

Serhii Makhno graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and from Academic School of Design in Moscow. In 2003, intuitively understanding that future lies in design, he founded Serhii Makhno’s workshop.

Now, Serhii Makhno creates collections of unique objects, successfully builds houses, hotels and cottage towns, implements interior spaces for apartments, restaurants, offices, and boutiques with his personally designed furniture and décor elements, and engages in social projects. The main directions for MAKHNO studio are contemporary minimalism, eclecticism, and loft styles.

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