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Light and Shadow
Inga Krymskaya

​Inga Krymskaya



Inga Krymskaya is a contemporary visual artist. Her work is based on mass media culture and the fashion industry. The artist tries various techniques and materials to convey the context of existence. Successfully combining her own background with contemporary trends, the artist creates ironic and sensual projects that encourage the viewer to rethink cultural phenomena.



      I initially intend to digest, from my point of view, various figures, colors and sounds which are perceived in spring time, and then try to express them as the space with clear warmth and the moment, on my pictures. I often title my painting " Sakura Blossom" which is a Japanese word equivalent "cherry"in English. It means a variety not only flowers... it represents a conceptions including, for example, a blossom of life, a blossom of the day, a blossom of time, a blossom of your soul and so on.

Blossom contains "a high context" and consequently my paintings will give viewers their own impression/imagination of vast scope. Someone would say it gives you the conception of flowers and others would image love in it. It is because the subject of my work may be a flower and, at the same time, love or the sky.

​Inga Krymskaya



"In Limbo"






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