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Light and Shadow
Sergey Svetlakov

​Sergey Svetlakov



   Sergey Svetlakov's art is realistic in the most serious sense of the word.
The objective world in his paintings is recognisable, whereas all objects, fruit, flowers, the tiniest details of material reality possess, quoting E. Baratynsky, ‘an unusual face expression’. This stunning individuality is due to the poetic sharpness with which the artist can see the world, the artistism that he possesses, the special features of his plastic and chromatic manner. He sees with impeccable precision the minuscule molecules of simple things, guesses the hidden
luxury of colour and the mysterious rhythms of natural ‘structures’ in their simplicity. ‘All stones are alike, all stones are precious; but man sees only a few of them’ (Toutes les pierres sont pareilles, toutes les pierres sont précieuses : mais l’homme n’en voit que quelques-unes). These words of the fairy from ‘The Blue Bird’ by Maurice 

Maeterlinck come to your mind when you look at Svetlakov's works. He guesses and shows the attentive viewer the ‘architecture’ and a whole symphony of colours in a piece of fruit lying on the table, or a lily in a vase. Yes, for Sergey Svetlakov nature is a wise architect. A lemon, a flower, a fold of a tablecloth, even a shaky shadow – they all have their ‘architectonics’. ‘Erase the irregular features, and you will see that the world is beautiful’.

Besides that, Svetlakov is a talented stage designer. His theatre works are characterised by a unique sense of style. The heavy rhythms of medieval structures heavily and precisely resonate with Ostrovsky's play. The combination of clear truth and an impeccable taste with a unique sense of his own - detailed and lyrical - view, these are not very common features that let one see the elevated and entirely special gift of the talented master in this small exhibition.


Mikhail GERMAN Professor,

Doctor of Fine Arts,

Member of the UNESCO International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

of the International Museum Association (ICOM)

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