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"Far Calls. Coming Far." 

Kyoka Akita

16 - 23 April 2023

    "I have heard that the total amount of atoms in the earth has remained constant from its birth to today. If so, the concept of reincarnation may be scientifically correct, and the "here and now" and "this body" in which I live may simply be something that was once a different substance that was recycled and appeared in this world. Sometimes I think about such things. The boundaries between past and future, self and others fade faintly, and I feel the presence of something close by that should be invisible to the eye. The people who lived in this place and the landscape that once existed are closer than we think, and they are always calling to us. I want to be where we can hear their call."

artist profile
Artist profile

Kyoka Akita is a young photographer based in Kyoto. Akita focuses on the meaning of light in photography and its symbolic meaning. In photography often the excess of light hides the familiar appearance of the object from the viewer but at the same time revealing new hidden images. She is curious about the effect of light on the familiar surroundings, faces and cityscapes.

The artist deeply investigates this phenomenon, trying to find answers to universal human questions with the help of her works.

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