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Romantic Garden

2024年7月9日 - 21日

The exhibition 'Romantic Garden' by Hiroko Shiina encourages viewers to delve into the artist’s personal exploration aimed at understanding the secrets of the world, the role of love, and death.

Deeply connected with the romantic worldview, Shiina’s work also strives for the most complete expression of the complexity of the artist’s experiences and feelings.

The plot gives way to a statement about experience, with the narrative assembled from many symbolic details that create a tragic yet ironic space, where one meaning complements the other. Elements of the picture hide opposite meanings, creating a playful gap and space for controversy.

A mysterious world filled with phantasmagoric characters, plants, and combining details and objects that cannot be combined in reality appears before the viewer as a dream transferred to paper. Indeed, the artist perceives dreams as a source of individual concept, giving preference to intuition as the main form of knowledge of the world.

The detail with which Shiina depicts the world of her fantasy mystifies the viewer. The composition is based on color spots for which the artist uses coffee. This tinting gives the work a vintage look and is one of the recognizable elements inherent in the artist’s work. The color palette tends to dark tones—velvety black, gray, pale green, coffee, and aged gold—and most fully reflects the mood in the works, giving them a touch of mystery. The images of objects and ornaments surprise with their fine detail, conveying a sense of the reality of the unreal.

Noting the uniqueness of Hiroko Shiina’s artistic language, we can safely say that her work is richly saturated with romanticism, which is essentially the air of modern culture.

Moreover, the exhibition seamlessly integrates art with fashion design, reminiscent of the ethos of William Morris. Just as Morris integrated art into everyday life through his designs, 'Romantic Garden' will feature silks adorned with prints inspired by the works of Hiroko Shiina. This fusion of art and practicality offers visitors a tactile and visual immersion into the enchanting world of Shiina's creations









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