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Anna Hayat & Slava Pirsky


April 13 - 28, 2024
11:00 -18:00, Mon.- closed

 "Gallery G-77 presents an exhibition by Israeli photographers Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky titled 'Existence,' as part of the program KG+ (festival Kyotographie 2024).

 Through large-format black-and-white Polaroid photographs, both taken within and outside the studio, they explore themes of trauma, self-sacrifice, and the fragility of life within Israeli society, deeply affected by ongoing war and terror. Departing from strict documentary representation, their works construct metaphorical imagery resonating with current events. The exhibition, united by a cohesive style and theme, includes the main series "My Personal Jesus," blending Renaissance aesthetics with modern photography. Responding to the October 7th terrorist attack, the artists present new works reflecting a direct approach, evoking empathy and contemplation. Experimenting with materials and techniques, they create photographs that appear as historical artifacts, conveying the passage of time and adding layers of intrigue to the viewer's experience.

Art Fair


London Art Fair 2024

Gallery G-77 returns to London Art Fair with a extraordinary imersive light installation "SELFVERSE" by Yuiko Rayka. Stand # E9


Group presentation at the fair stand G31. Highlights at the gallery’s stand include works by artists Chihiro Taki, Yasuyo and Yuji Ashikawa.

Join us at London Art Fair from Tuesday, January 16 to Sunday, January 24.


postcards_Yasuyo-2 copy.jpeg

Yasuyo Solo

"Peace Promoting Telepathy"

2023, November 25 (Sat) ~ December 3 (Sun)

12:00 - 18:00, (Mon - Closed)

Gallery G-77  presents an exhibition of new works by Yasuyo - "Peace Promoting Telepathy". Her abstract creations, crafted with colorful forms, invite you to explore her message. In Yasuyo's hands, the canvas becomes a stage where everyday stories unfold, infused with the energy and spirit of contemporary life. Yasuyo emerges as a modern-day ironic storyteller, weaving narratives with the vibrant hues of her palette. Join us in experiencing positive and optimistic art at this solo exhibition.


A4-flyer-Drawing-the-Sound-for-print copy.jpeg

“Drawing the Sound”  Improvisational performance

2 December, 16:00 - 17:00
Admission fee: free

Japanese artist Keisuke Watanabe and Dutch narrator Kine Brettschreider collaborate for an improvisational performance titled 'Painting the Sound.' Diverse artists blend their talents in this avant-garde exploration, turning auditory experiences into captivating visuals.


Address:  Kōshō-ji Temple

〒602-0082 Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward, Kamitenjincho, 647



“Drawing the Sound”

1-10 December, 2023

Drawings and sketches by Keisuke Watanabe
in Kōshō-ji Temple

Video installation by Andrey Kolchanov (USA)​

Opening hours : Monday - Sunday. 12:00 - 19:00 

Admission fee: free 

Art Fair

In-feed static, option 1.jpg

Join Us at Affordable Art Fair Battersea This October!


We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn, where we will be showcasing an extraordinary collection of artwork at Booth L8.


Event Details:


Date: October 19-22, 2023 (Private View:
Wednesday 18 October, 5 – 9pm*)

Location: Battersea Evolution, London


Experience Art Like Never Before:

Our gallery is proud to present an immersive and diverse art experience that promises to captivate and inspire attendees. Featuring an array of talented artists, including Noriko Kurafuji, Inga Krymskaya, Chihiro Taki, Hiroko Shiina, Watanabe Keisuke, Eri Shimamoto, and Hauomi Izumi, we invite you to indulge in the vibrant world of contemporary art.


Don't Miss Out:

This is a remarkable opportunity to become a part of the dynamic contemporary art scene, whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or just starting your art collection journey. The Affordable Art Fair Battersea is known for its accessible prices, making it the perfect occasion to explore, appreciate, and acquire stunning pieces of art.

Art Fair


Art on Paper NY 2023


"Join us at Art on Paper NY! We're excited to announce our participation in this art fair, where we'll be showcasing an extraordinary collection of Japanese artwork at Booth G08.


Featuring artists such as Yasuyo, Tatyana Brown, Chihiro Taki, Hiroko Shiina, Watanabe Keisuke, Eri Shimamoto, and Yuji Ashikawa, our gallery promises an immersive and diverse art experience that will captivate and inspire attendees. Don't miss this remarkable opportunity to be a part of the vibrant contemporary art scene."


Designer_chair_with_footstool copy 2_edited.jpg

Alena Burakova | "Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Woman”

2 - 6 August 2023

Wed.- Sun. 12:00-19:00

Join us at the Aleona Burakova Solo Exhibition, "Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Woman," from 2nd to 6th August 2023. Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking collection that celebrates the beauty and vulnerability of the naked human body. Aleona's photographs, captured during staged shoots and spontaneous moments, beautifully reveal the unique characters and features of each model. Experience a profound exploration of femininity, female nature, and character, while contemplating your own experiences and memories. Don't miss this captivating exhibition!

Art Fair


Seattle Art Fair 2023


Join us at Seattle Art Fair 2023! We are thrilled to announce our participation at this bright event, where we will be showcasing an extraordinary collection of artwork at Booth A08. 

Featuring artists such as Yasuyo, Tatyana Brown, Chihiro Taki, Hiroko Shiina, Sosyu Kikuchi, Eri Shimamoto, and Haruomi Izumi, our gallery promises an immersive and diverse art experience that will captivate and inspire attendees. Don't miss this remarkable opportunity to be a part of the vibrant contemporary art scene.



Yasuyo | "Black Hole in The Cake"


26 May - 04 June 2023

Tue.- Sun. 12:00-18:00

Monday - closed

Join us at Gallery G-77 from May 26th to June 4th, 2023, for Yasuyo's solo exhibition, "Black Hole in the Cake." Experience the vibrant and introspective abstract artworks of this Kyoto-based artist, known for her captivating use of color and deep emotional exploration.


Don't miss this remarkable exhibition as Yasuyo invites you to delve into her inner world, analyze your own feelings, and discover the unchanging essence within yourself. Immerse yourself in her captivating paintings and even take a seat in an artfully painted armchair, merging art with everyday life.


Save the dates and join us at Gallery G-77 for Yasuyo's extraordinary solo exhibition, "Black Hole in the Cake."

​Art Fair




Gallery G-77 is pleased to participate in edition of VOLTA NEW YORK presenting project by YUIKO RÁYKA "Selfverse"

Basel-born VOLTA Art Fair debuted in New York in 2008 to support ambitious international galleries to participate in one of the art markets’ major cities. Now, we return to present over 50 national and international galleries at our 2023 edition from May 17 to 21 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Booth # D8


Wednesday May 17 | 5pm – 9pm  

 Thursday May 18 | 12pm – 9pm  

Friday May 19 | 12pm – 8pm  

Saturday May 20 | 12pm – 8pm  

Sunday May 21 | 12pm – 5pm



Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky “Rifts, Joints, and Rifts”

30 April - 14 May 2023

Tue.- Sun. 12:00-19:00

Monday - closed


As part of KG+ 2023, the "Tears, Joints and Faults" exhibition features exquisite work by Israeli artists Anna Hayat and Slava Pirski.



Kyoka Akita "Far Calls. Coming Far." 

16 - 23 April 2023

12:00 - 18:00, each day

Kyoto-based artist Kyoka Akita personal exhibition will held as part of the KG+ by KYOTOGRAPHIE 2023


_DIDO special (1)_compressed (dragged) 2.jpg

Serhii Makhno "DIDO"

4 - 9 April 2023

12:00 - 18:00, each day

Gallery G-77 is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Serhii Makhno, one of the leading Ukrainian architects and designers of the present time.

Meet DIDO is a series of collectable art toys and sculptures that appeared in the process of rethinking Ukrainian traditional zoomorphic sculpture by Serhii Makhno’s ceramic workshop DIDO has become an essential series for MAKHNO Studio and has become our hero as a part of the project research "On the way home".

Art Fair​

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Affordable Art Fair Brussels

Gallery G-77 is pleased to participate in the 14th edition of AAF BRUSSELS presenting works by Noriko Kurafuji and Keisuke Watanabe

08 - 12 FEBRUARY 2023



Beautiful World

Venue: Kawamura Noh Theatre
December 23, 2022 (Friday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday)



Naoko Watanabe

"Love Myself"

Physical artworks & NFTs

2022.12.4 (Sun) ~ 25 (Sun)

12:00 - 19:00 | Monday - Closed




NOV 17 Thu - 21 Mon, 2022


One of RÁYKA's series of works is called "Soul Gems" (2015-). This series focuses on the relationship between us as soul beings and the universe. Each of our souls is the universe itself, resonating with each other, existing in harmony within this great universe. 

In the past, RÁYKA has developed this series of works expressed in the physical form (two-dimensional works and installations), but in this exhibition, "SOUL GEMS META," she will newly express this worldview using the Metaverse, VR, and NFTs.

RÁYKA finds similarities in the relationship between the "soul and us humans" and the "core of the work and the expression media," and attempts to present them from the perspective of "evolution" through this work.

〇 In this exhibition, visitors will wear VR headsets to view the virtual installation created in the Metaverse (virtual world).

〇 During the exhibition, reservations are required after 18:00 on the 17th and 18th, and all day on the 19th and 20th. Same-day reservations can be made if space is available. 

〇 Physical and NFT versions of "Soul Gems" will be on sale at the venue, and the NFT versions will also be available online (details to be announced later). NFT purchaser will receive an official SOUL GEMS META avatar that can be used in the Metaverse.

〇 Visitors will receive a commemorative visitor NFT as a welcome gift.

〇 The virtual installation will also be available online (details to be announced later).



​17 (Thu) 15:00 - 21:00 (After 18:00 reservation required)
18 (Fri) 15:00 - 21:00   (After 18:00 reservation required)
19 (Sat) 13:00 - 21:00  (All day reservation required)
20 (San) 13:00 - 21:00  (All day reservation required)
21 (Mon) 12:00 - 17:00 
* Last admission 30 minutes before closing time on all days.


Admission Fee - 500 yen


​Art Fair


Art on Paper NY 2022


Booth A05

Pier 36, Downtown Manhattan
299 South Street
New York, 10002

Gallery G-77 is pleased to participate in the 2022 edition of Art on Paper NY

participating artists: Keisuke Watanabe, Yasuyo, Hiroko Shiina, Chihiro Taki, Yuji Ashikawa, Hsieh Shu





24 July  - 7 August 2022

Group Exhibition Nanako Kawaguchi, Ikumi Nagasawa, and UMA

opening hours 11: 00 ~ 19:00

closed on Monday & Tuesday

Opening reception 7.24 (Sun) 17:00

Art Fair

Copy of LAF_Instagram Story Static 02 1080x1920_V1.jpg

London Art Fair


21-24 April 2022

participating artists:

Keisuke Watanabe, Noriko Kurafuji, Mikito Tanaka, Inga Krymskaya, Chihiro Taki, Yuiko Raika, Izuru Mizutani



"Constellation ~想起されつづけるもの~" | Naho Ito

12 April - 1 May 2022

11:00 - 19:00, Monday closed 

Gallery is pleased to announce a solo show "Constellation" by Kyoto artist Naho Ito. The exhibition features 6 new works amongst which is a large-scale painting "Reminiscence Of Mysteries" (162 x 521 cm) presented for the first time in Kyoto City Museum of Art in 2021.



Into The Selfverse | Yuiko Ráyka

22-28 December 2021

13:00 - 20:00 (Last day until 19:00) 

Artist Talk:  December 22, 19:00 - 20:00

We are pleased to present Yuiko Ráyka's solo exhibition "Into The Selfvers". In this exhibition, Ráyka will showcase a participatory installation work.

Through this piece, the viewer will experience the "Selfverse" that is generated by manipulating light with his or her own hands. The "Selfverse" is the viewer’s own world, which will be created by the viewer, with infinite possibilities.


A3-poster-dancing-new-11.11 copy.jpeg

"Dancing Through Time" performance in Kamigamo

Watanabe Keisuke - painter 

Kawamura Haruhisa- Noh actor

Yamaguchi Tsubaki - cello 

Sugiyama Asami - dancer

4 December 2021



Online exhibitions


Amplitude | Kenji Arimoto

17 October - 20 November 2021

Gallery G-77 presents an online exhibition of new paintings by Kenji Arimoto, which in which he explores a period of isolation as an opportunity to learn about the environment and oneself.


In "Amplitude", Arimoto turns to nature and his own sensations and memories, capturing various extremes of perception and a person's dependence on the environment and society.

Online exhibitions


From 28 March to 20 April 2021we present a new online exhibition by Yuji Ashikawa 

"Reintroducing the Female Image ~女性像の再生~”


Ashikawa solo PosterB2 new.jpg

Ashikawa Yuji Solo Exhibition

"Reintroducing the Female Image"

March 23rd (Tuesday) - 27th (Saturday), 2021

Working hours: 14:30-19:00

​Art Fair

logo london.jpg

Gallery G-77 participates in  London Art Fair: Edit

also on Artsy, please check the link



Chihiro Taki Solo Exhibition

"Girls in Dreams"

December 25, 2020 - January 30, 2021

Open Hours : Wednesday- Sunday 14:30- 19:00

Closed : Monday, Tuesday

Holidays: December 28, 2020 - January 6, 2021  

Art Fair


Gallery G-77 at Art Miami on Artsy

Dec 2nd – 20th

Art Miami fair is a proven destination and serious marketplace for top collectors to acquire important works from the leading international galleries representing emerging and mid-career cutting-edge works of art. This year's edition will take place exclusively on Artsy from December 2-20, 2020

Artist talk

2020-03-20 22.18のイメージ.jpg

■ オンライン個展のお知らせ 〜11月8日(日) 〜■   

渡邉野子展 Naoko Watanabe Solo Exhibition    

「The Beautiful Experience -美しい経験-」   



時間 2020年11月8日(日) 21:00ー22:15 

場所 クラウドビデオ会議サービス「ZOOM」内ルーム 

会費 無料  


ギャラリーG-77(京都)では、現在開催中の個展【渡邉野子展「The Beautiful Experience -美しい経験-」】を、クラウドビデオ会議サービ「ZOOM」を活用しオンライン中継します。新型コロナウイルスの影響により、外出を控えておられる方も多いと思います。ご自宅からぜひ、オンラインで個展を楽しんでください。作家本人がギャラリーから、会場外の様々な場所をリアルタイムで結び、「Zoom」を通して参加者の皆さんとお話します。一方通行の作品解説ではなく、会場の作品をオンラインで鑑賞していただき、参加者どうしの対話や、作家が質問などにもお応えします。   








山元ゆり子(Gallery G-77 art director ) 

イリーナ・チャプキス(Gallery G-77director ) 













​New in shop


Naoko Watanabe's new works can now be purchased online. Please follow the link -

Artist talk

2020-03-20 22.18のイメージ.jpg


 渡邉野子展 Naoko Watanabe Solo Exhibition

 「The  Beautiful Experience -美しい経験-」



時間 2020年10月11日(日) 21:00ー22:00

場所 クラウドビデオ会議サービス「ZOOM」内ルーム

会費 無料








森裕崇(Apple Distinguised Educator, 数学教員)

山元ゆり子(Gallery G-77 art director )

イリーナ・チャプキス(Gallery G-77director )















Naoko Watanabe Solo Exhibition

「美しい経験-The Beautiful Experience-」

11 October - 15 November 2020



Gallery G-77 participates in Kyoto Crowdfunding Project to Support Culture and Arts

Online exhibitions

contemporary art gallery kyoto

We start to publish online exhibitions on our website.

The first online exhibition is "Music Is. Music Exists" by Keisuke Watanabe. This is an opportunity to enjoy exhibitions remotely and purchase works of art online!

​15 September - 5 October 2020


Ambiguity by Koichi Nishiyama

Gallery G-77 participates in KG+ with exhibition

Koichi Nishiyama. Ambiguity

​12 September - 4 October 2020



Keisuke Watanabe. Music is. Music Exists.

​21 July -23 August 2020

Art Fair

Hiroko Tsuchida, Gallery G-77

Gallery G-77 participates in Affordable Art Fair Brussels 

11-13 September 2020

Art Fair

watanabe keisuke

Gallery G-77 participates in Art on Paper NY

5-8 March 2020


First Step Exhibition, Gallery G-77

First Step Exhibition

The open project for the young artists

4 -22 March 2020

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