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Light and Shadow
Naoko Watanabe

Naoko Watanabe



   Contemporary artist working in an abstract manner. Watanabe deeply explores the role of color in conveying the essence of the world and its perception.

One of Watanabe's concepts is "representing the moment when incompatible things meet as a beautiful state of painting." “The conflict of different things happens continually in life. Rather than seeing it as a trap or inconsistency, I want to make it the most interactive and active moment for each other to shine,” Watanabe thinks. The striking strokes and quiet lines are folded in layers, the composition of abstraction and concrete, and the glossiness of the oil, the complex color mixture and the color that changes the way of viewing by light rays, We want to work and see. “My painting is a painting that I don't understand. I don't understand it, but experience and feel it. I want to create a new option for the viewers to discover their own creative ideas.”



Past gallery exhibitions

Love Myself

​4 - 25 December 2022

2018-09-24 18.09.40.JPG

24 September - 13 October 2018



Night Watch- A Line that hits the Light
12 September - 10 October, 2015



The Beautiful Experience 
11 October - 15 November 2020


Watanabe Exhibition 2017 .jpg

The Unnamed Color
7-25 November 2017



About Love. Like a Monster
21 September - 10 October 2019



Purple, The Picture Plane
24 September - 22 October, 2016


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